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5 Cost Effective Home Security Ideas :: But the Best Security Tips are Free


Looking for a way to assure your home’s security, without paying more than you want to spend? Here are some cost effective tips for keeping your home safe from would-be intruders and environmental hazards.

5 Cost Effective Home Security Ideas


One simple to install, inexpensive tool, is a solid, substantial deadbolt lock for your home. A Grade 1 or ANSI-designated deadbolt lock installed on every exterior door is an excellent deterrent. Be sure to include installation on doors between garages and home interiors. Burglars will often avoid homes with a sturdy deadbolt, preferring an easier-to-pick spring lock as a target. The sturdiest deadbolt type locks have a UL listing of 437, which means that the lock meets the highest security locking standards.

Simple Wedge Alarm

Another inexpensive home security enhancement is a simple wedge alarm. This alarm appears just like a door stop. Simply place it behind any door. If someone tries to get in, the specially shaped alarm stops the door from opening. And best of all, it lets out a sound of one hundred and twenty decibels of noise. It’s battery operated, and transportable.

Wireless Alert Systems

Outdoors, a good and cost effective security tool is a driveway wireless alert system. Battery-operated and weather-resistant, this system installs easily near your driveway. They let you know if unwanted “visitors” approach your home. Similarly, an outdoor voice alert will inform you of any movement on your property from a vehicle in your driveway to a person approaching your back porch. You can customize these systems, so they can “speak” for you even when you are not home. The voice alert puts potential intruders on notice that your home is under surveillance.

Digital Security Cameras

One of the best security tools for your home is a digital security camera. Battery operated cameras let you monitor your property from any location, store images, and transmit data wirelessly. Easy to install and cost effective systems are available for do-it-yourself security installation.

Wireless Security Systems

Of course, one of the most important options for security your home is the use of a wireless security alarm system. Utilizing a complete and hassle-free security system provides the ultimate in safety coverage for you and your family home. No hard wiring or extensive installation is necessary when you use a basic wireless alarm system. Sensors operated through radio signals can be installed throughout your home. And these systems link to a 24/7 monitoring system capable of contacting you, and emergency personnel as necessary. Best of all, along with keeping your home secure from potential intruders, this type of system will also offer you protection from fire, flood, carbon monoxide and other hazards. All can be linked to one system.


The Most Cost Effective Security Tips are Free

Each of these security items are cost effective. They are easy to use and install. They also add the most important benefit, letting outsiders know your home is protected. By displaying yard signs or stickers, these serve as a warning to unwanted intruders.

In addition, there are some simple and inexpensive measures you can take to secure your home that require no purchases at all. First, keep your shrubs and greenery trimmed to make your property look cared-for and to eliminate any places that look attractive for hiding would be intruders.  Second, make sure your lighting is adequate, indoors and out. Use a timer to turn on inside lighting when you are away; keep your exterior brightly lit. You can also utilize sensors that trigger lights to turn on when someone approaches your property.


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