aka . . . Now for Something Completely Different

I still remember the first back and forth I had with a guy named Barry Morgan.  In 2009, I was a blog owner:  the Agents of Moxie; he was a blog owner:  Barry’s Big Blog of Building.  On BBOB, as we came to call it — he would post a single photo a day . . . and usually, unusual or simply instructive . . . that’s how he rolled.

And as we are both feeling the weight of summer schedules, we have decided to dust this format off for a week or two.  I hope you enjoy.

Note:  If you would like to submit a photo for inclusion in the site, please email [email protected] with a short summary.  Thanks.


Vacuuming with Baby in Baby Carrier

AKA:  Multitasking or Building Moxie‘s Guaranteed to 100%, Foolproof Method For Putting a Baby to Sleep

Location:  Living Room (Baltimore, MD)

In This Photo:

JB & Evyn Bartkowiak.  Also in the photo:  Box-bay windows, thin-slatted wood shutters, hanging plants (grrr. can’t remember the name of these plants — likely later replaced with ferns . . . ha!), “Pinhole Photo of Cruiser in Santa Cruz”, by Jason Bedient (a gift for my 29th birthday and here, lonely), table top fountain (wedding present and what were we thinking?), Philip Morris (made by my grandfather circa 1961 for display in his bar), 1 1/4″ copper radiator pipe exposed and painted, refinished American (?) cast iron radiator, Bauhaus sectional (color: Raisin).  Note:  I did not account for said radiator pipe when ordering said sectional.  The chaise was, no matter, moved into the bay where it worked rather nicely.

Additional Information:

For my first, I went back to the first few sets we took with a digital camera.  2003, for me, was monopolized primarily by two things, Jen’s first pregnancy and Evyn’s birth.  While this one was taken later in the year . . .  it is what I have decided to go with for today.  While I take many more pictures then I did then, I still make mistakes.  And Wow! — how the digital camera has changed our lives.


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