Today, I’ve decided to reach back into the chronicles and grab something from Barry‘s Big Blog of Building, the inspiration for this photo series.

Brick in a Flemish Bond Patter Lewes, DE


AKA: Structural Brickwork in a Flemish Bond Pattern or . . . The Metaphor of Allusion

Location: Lewes, Delaware

In This Photo:

Originally published to the Big Blog of Building on October 1, 2009, Barry illustrates a Flemish Bond.

Additional Information:

There are a few traditional patterns, or bonds, in which brick can be laid.  Here, interlocking headers and stretchers run both in each course make an un-common pattern.

With brickwork on my mind, a brick project underway, this seemed like a logical choice.  It appears in Barry‘s first week of postings to the BBOB.

From September of 2009 to April of 2010, Barry posted a single original photograph per day.  For anyone interested in things building, I would recommend spending a hour or so working your way through this archive.  It is quite fascinating.

Additional Links:

Traditional Bonds and Paver Patterns and a minor re-birth of the “BBOB” format at the Junction Home Services Photonook.


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