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4 Smart & Stylish Bike Storage Options :: Pulleys, Racks, Hooks and Shelving

Many a happy kid, both big and small, pulled the wrapping paper from a shiny new bicycle on Christmas Day. But with all parts assembled and the tassels in place, mom and dad might say, “Where do I store this, with limited space.”



Storing bikes in a home can be tricky because bikes are large and require easy accessibility indoors. Homeowners don’t want to fall into the messy habit of leaving bikes outside where they could potentially be stolen. Piling them inside the garage WHERE they might take up valuable work or car storage space, isn’t any better.

(New) bike owners should consider these four bike storage options for spaces with easy access for a spontaneous ride.

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* Pulleys

Storing bikes high and out of the way is a great idea for those with limited space. By keeping the bikes raised, homeowners are left with floor space for other storage or furniture. While this option can be installed anywhere in the home, it is most commonly seen in the garage. Typically, bike lifts attach to the seat and handle bars which are raised to the ceiling by a pulley system. The design is great for those with high ceilings or who have difficulty lifting their bikes to reach hooks. Pulley systems come in a variety of inexpensive options, all relatively easy to install, such as the Racor PBH-1R (pictured at right).

* Racks

Racks are great options for households with more than one cyclist and can be purchased as freestanding or mountable. Consider a ceiling rack to store up to four bicycles. Not only does ceiling storage free up floor space, it also keeps space between bikes for convenient loading and unloading. To store, simply lift the bike up until the frame rests in the catches. While not the most chic option, racks are practical and great for garage or attic spaces.

* Hooks

Hooks are an obvious choice for hanging bikes. A homeowner can install then into the ceiling or walls, depending on where they have space. Two level hooks per bike allow bikes to hang by their frames. A single wall hook holds a bicycle by its front tire against the wall. If concerned about potential damages or scratches, purchase a product with a rear tire pad that attaches to the wall for protection. Wall hooks are easy to install and remove if it comes time to relocate to a new home. Just fill the holes with a little caulk.

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* Shelving

A dual-purpose bike shelf is a great option for those lacking extra storage or garage space. The Original Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw (pictured below) is a stylish, handcrafted system for cyclists that is well-designed and space- efficient. The bike shelf comes equipped with a flat surface to display books and artwork, making it a functional and aesthetic option for avid cyclists.


While all four options differ in design, they successfully clear up space. Instead of exposing bikes to the elements, clutter a garage or scuff up the walls of an apartment, use one of these alternatives to protect them, keep them out of the way and easily access them for impromptu rides.


Tali Wee is a DIY, home improvement and finance writer at Find a ton great Bike Storage Solutions now on Amazon. Or check these additional DIYable Bike Storage Ideas from Makezine – 6 Bike Storage Solutions You Can Build Right Now. For more general house DIY, stay right here. ~jb – Editor.

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