Note from the hosts:  I’ve been cranked to 11 since Memorial Day. I haven’t had much time to think about much. And when The Decor Girl Lisa Smith suggested I tag Amanda to write a post, I had only enough time to figure that she frequently writes about gifts and gift-giving

What I so blatantly missed was — Amanda is a well-published writer (as you will see in her profile below) and more importantly, that Father’s Day — the most important holiday, would be here this Sunday.  But perhaps some of her suggestions, in this gem below, will work. Check it.  Happy Housewarming all.  And Enjoy! jb


One of your friends has moved.  Because buying a house or renting an apartment is the most stressful thing in the world aside from giving birth, she is very relieved and in the mood to celebrate.  And so, she’s throwing a housewarming party.

There are three types of situations you’ll be facing when you’re going to a housewarming party.

The New Place is:

  1. So nice that you’ll be choking on your own jealousy all night long
  2. So gross that you will be forced to lie about how “great” it is all night long
  3. Located somewhere incredibly inconvenient (ie: New Jersey) . . . and this party will likely be the first and last time you’ll visit

In any case, you’ll be expected to show up with a gift.  Buying a housewarming gift can be difficult because you’ll want to bring something thoughtful and genuine, but also something that’s relatively cheap and not too personal.

Try these on for size:

1.) Cheers Glasses

There’s no better way to break in new place than have a ridiculous party where everyone gets ridiculously drunk.  You cover up the new house smell with the smell of cheap bourbon and all of the previous night’s mistakes.  Pick up a set of these Cheers Glasses (CB2, $19.95) for everyone to toast to a new place to drink and a new couch to sleep it off on.

HouseWarming by Amanda Waas2.) Wine Bottle Tealights

Speaking of getting drunk, what better way to pay homage to the good times you had at the housewarming party than by encouraging your hostess to insert wine bottles into her apartment’s décor.  This Wine Bottle Tealight Holder (Uncommon Goods, $60) does the trick perfectly.

3.) Cheese Knife Set

The mark of a classy party is always found in two things: wine and cheese.  If you go to a party and you see a tray of wine and cheese instead of a plate of microwaved Totino’s Pizza Rolls, you’re all set.  Add an even bigger touch of class to the party and future parties with this Cut the Cheese Knife Set (Uncommon Goods, $20) that clearly lets you know which cheese should be paired with which knife.

4.) Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

What better way to help your hostess hide her burgeoning alcohol problem and the other skeletons in her closet than inside an antiquey skeleton key bottle opener — HomArt Skeleton Key Bottle Opener. (Amazon, $40)  If you don’t want to confess the reason why you saw this and thought it was PERFECT for her, just give it to her and declare “I AM GIVING YOU THE KEY TO MY HEART.”  It’ll make everything good and awkward, thus setting the stage to open a bottle of wine.  It was your plan all along, wasn’t it?

5.) On the Rocks Chilled Rocks Set

So, maybe there are too many booze-related gifts on this list, but this is a classy one, I promise.  Because really, what’s classier than people who order drinks “on the rocks,” right?  Make that drink order literal by giving your hostess an On the Rocks Set (Uncommon Goods, $34) .  You just put the rocks in the freezer and they’ll keep the drink cold without diluting it the way ice cubes will.  Just don’t make the obvious “I got you an “on the rocks” set because I know you like your drinks the way you like your marriage!” comment.  HIIIIIIIIIIII-O.

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6.) Fragrance Oils

If the hostess is someone you’re not particularly close with, a candle is a great gift.  Why?  Because we all know a candle is the perfect gift to get anyone we don’t know or care about.  Rather than grabbing the cheapest one on the clearance rack at Rite Aid, try to get something a little bit more considerate, like the Lucia Votive Trio Set (Amazon, $25).  Giving a candle is like saying: “Here’s a candle, Susan.  I don’t know anything about you and I’m pretty sure I’d like to keep it that way.”

7.) Wine Cork Place Holder Set

For the control freak in your life, pick up these Wine Cork Placecard Holders (Uncommon Goods, $15) .  All of her future dinner parties can have assigned seating in style.  I mean, why would you want to sit next to your spouse anyway, when you can sit next to a total stranger who enjoys talking about his hobby collecting miniature train sets?  FUN.

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Note from the hosts (part 2):  Well, I think Amanda kicked butt, and to steal one of her moves . . . Comment!  In between cocktail parties this weekend ladies, don’t forget to grab something for dad.  ;~) Happy Father’s Day all.  And thanks again Amanda.  Follow her now.  ~jb