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Building Moxie in a Bagster Bag :: The Year in Review


A little ways back I was asked to take part in a Bagster Bag Blogger Challenge. Basically, I had the opportunity to try the “Dumpster in a Bag” – a Bagster Bag.

And okay … but, well, this Challenge part? Let’s see … Hmmmm. Could I fill a Bagster Bag?  Ha! Sure. But in a given, short period of time?

Let me tell you, there was/is/are some inherent problems with that. I mean – First, I’ll admit it – I’m a little bit of, well, a hoarder of building material type things.

And Second, I always do my best to either repurpose or at least recycle most of the waste I come up with.

The Bagster Bag, A Review

The Bagster Bag sat inside my yard, just off the driveway, and according to the Bag’s instructions -not more than 16 feet away from where it could be picked, from December 2011 to February 2013. Yep! In the exact spot where I did ultimately build Trash Can Pad.

What can I say? While it filled up slowly, I personally didn’t mind. That is – despite occasionally hearing Mrs. Moxie’s – “When are you going to get that green bag out of here?”

A  3 Yd dumpster for the total cost of about $190.

I figure it saved me about two plus trips to the dump, and that, for me, in Baltimore City, is not an easy proposition.  In a lot of cases, it means two hour round trip, hitting the landfill (the only one) in the southern most part of the City.  A little ways away.

I also realized during that period that … Hey! I wasn’t the only one doing it.

Bagster in Parkville, MD

Bagster in Beltsville, MD

Like a DIYer’s Loyal Friend

When I took the Challenge on, I guess I kinda envisioned getting started on two projects specifically (though I knew I wasn’t quite ready).

I yanked those lines above from a todo list I created for my original Bagster post, A ToDo List Solution – The Bagster Bag. I later updated that list in the post: A Super Bowl of HoneyDo for My Valentine. And though I did finally clean out the attic, we never ended up renovating the space.

While I did go on to purge some from our garage and, yes, I did even cut into the clutter in our attic, some – the Bagster Bag, really, was just there.  Like a loyal friend, it “followed” me as I moved (briskly) through that todo list.  It became a goto as the family slowly cleaned and cleared out my Gram’s house. (Say a prayer.  And we did ultimately put her home on the market and we did in the end part with it).  It also received a handful odd items out of Mrs. Moxie’s first flip project.

But I realized only later on looking inside that Bag, just before it went, it was kinda like looking at something of a strange . . .

Year in Review (Building Moxie in a Bagster Bag style)

My ToDo List:

Projects Not on My ToDo List:

I probably did a few other things too, and just like those above … signs of each project, whether they were on my todo list or not, eventually appeared in my Bagster Bag.

Bagster Bag at my local Lowe’s

Bagster Bag – A ToDo List Solution

I stuffed it, like I stuffed this article with links. Ha! But seriously, Waste Management here is doing a great job of hitting a needed price point. Better of course if you have a room or two you need to do immediately … okay, but not so unsightly that you (okay, I) couldn’t keep a Bagster Bag laying around for a few months.

I mean – if you look at roll off dumpster costs (for example), and I know ’cause the Mrs. has been going through a few on her current flip (+ I needed one for my formstone to brick project) – $300 for a 20 Yd and $400 for a 30 Yd are about the going rates (in my region).

The Bagster Bag holds 3300 lbs. – that’s approximately 900sf of carpet or tile, 8 squares of roofing shingles or 47 sheets of drywall.

And all and all the Challenge was fantastic. Only comment I’ll make, and more as blogger – when scheduling pick up, WM gave me a three day window.  Why was this an issue? Well, I wish I could have known exactly when they were going to be here. In other words, I wanted to be here when the dumpster was being picked … so I could get a sweet pick ’em pic. (Like the one borrowed from Bagster below.)

That said, even though I missed, I received a confirmation message within minutes of my Bag, but not my memories, being removed.

Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy.


While I really don’t consider this a sponsored post, I mean – I wasn’t under any obligation to post this post at this point – the cost of the Bagster Bag was covered and I was compensated in early 2012. I’ll mention too that this article also contains several affiliate links from which Building Moxie earns money from if items are purchased. 

Thank you for reading all the same and here’s hopin’ that 2013 has been great so far.  Thanks for being a part. ~jb

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