The DAP Spec Line – First to Include Industry Specifications in Product Names, Removes Guesswork from Jobs

Every Job Has A Spec to Meet DAP Spec LineOne of the bigger announcements that came out of the Remodeling Show in Chicago last week was a new product line from DAP targeting professional contractors and remodelers. The DAP Spec Line by DAP is the first full line of sealants and adhesives designed specifically to help professionals meet industry specifications for each job by including the required spec as part of the product name. Numeric labels match proven industry specification standards. Professionals can now easily select the best product for each job application.

The DAP Spec Line is also the company’s first complete product line designed for window and siding installations.

“We developed The DAP Spec Line of products to meet the needs of professionals who can trust the product will not only meet industry specifications but also provide the quality and proven end-user experience that people know they can count on from DAP,” said Mark Longo, Vice President and General Manager, WDS Division. “The DAP Spec Line takes the guesswork out of the purchasing process and professionals can be certain they are getting the right product for the job every time.”

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Here, Richard Lawrence, Vice President of Sales for the WDS (that’s Windows, Doors & Siding) Division explains some of the thinking behind the product naming. Plus the technologies found in the new line (listen in as you read the balance of the post; it’s pretty cool):

DAP Spec Line Richard Lawrence — 7 minutes 1 second **


Product Simplicity With The DAP Spec Line

the DAP Spec Line What the Job DemandsTo make selection even easier, The DAP Spec Line prints the Performance Facts right on the product, similar to the layout of a nutrition label. Performance Facts include the amount and coverage per cartridge, recommended use, features, specifications and other product details. Another innovation found on DAP® DYNAFLEX™ 920 Premium Exterior Elastomeric Sealant. This product line makes color matching simpler. It indicates the color right on the label with an actual swatch, along with a list of matching exterior building material colors from key manufacturers.

“As the most recognized product brand in the sealant and adhesive categories, DAP is now strategically targeting more professional user groups with the launch of The DAP Spec Line,” said John McLaughlin, President and CEO of DAP Products Inc. “With the WDS teams’ extensive knowledge of the market and DAP’s expertise in product innovation, we have created a bundle of products that we know will help the industry to provide best-in-class work for every job.”

Whether installing a window, door, siding, laying subfloor or hanging drywall, The DAP Spec Line offers a simple way to be sure the job meets the highest product and industry standards. The DAP Spec Line includes three main categories: DYNAFLEX to seal, DYNAGRIP to adhere and DRAFTSTOP to install.

The Color Coded and Numbered DAP Spec LineThe product listing is as follows:


This interior and exterior latex sealant meets federal specification TT-S-230C. DAP DYNAFLEX 230. Itcombines outstanding durability and adhesion with superior paintability.


This polymer sealant is tested in accordance with industry specification AAMA 800. It is ideal for installing and sealing around windows, doors, siding, trim and other penetrations where a tough, durable seal is required. It provides a watertight, weatherproof seal and will adhere to wet and damp surfaces.


This high performance, exterior elastomeric sealant meets industry specification ASTM C920. Developed for professional siding and window installations, it provides a long-lasting elastomeric seal which helps prevent water and air intrusion. The extensive offering of colors provides an aesthetically appealing and finished look to any installation. There are more than 100 colors available. Suitable for all weather conditions, DAP DYNAFLEX 920 will not wash away when exposed to rain prior to full cure.

Seal Adhere Foam the DAP Spec LineDAP® DYNAGRIP™ 557

This drywall panel adhesive meets industry specification ASTM C557. Designed specifically for drywall and paneling installation, it is easy to apply and provides a bond that requires fewer screws or nails. DAP DYNAGRIP 557 reduces nail pops and helps limit air and sound movement between walls.

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This subfloor and construction adhesive meets industry specification ASTM D3498. It can be applied to wet and frozen lumber and will extrude easily at temperatures as low as 20 degrees. DAP DYNAGRIP 3498 is ideal for reducing floor squeaks and improving the structural performance of the floor assembly.


This multi-purpose panel adhesive meets industry specification ASTM C557. This high-strength, quick-grab, latex-based adhesive bonds a wide variety of building materials. Especially the installation of fiberglass reinforced panels (FRP), tub surrounds and other decorative panels where the use of mechanical fasteners is limited. DAP DYNAGRIP FRP features low odor and easy soap and water cleanup.


This low pressure window and door foam meets the industry specification AAMA 812. DAP DRAFTSTOP 812. Low Pressure Polyurethane Window and Door Foam is a gun-grade, low-pressure polyurethane foam designed to fill gaps between fenestration products and rough openings.


The DAP Spec Line Website

Hamtil Construction Remodeling Show 2011 DAP Products Booth

With the availability of the new product line, DAP launched an interactive and user-friendly website. It calls out the best product to use to meet the spec for each project. The new website is available today at The freshly designed site includes the following:

  • Rich content, including an introductory video, to demonstrate the product and application use.
  • A complete description of products including SKU number, size, color options, tech data and MSDS.
  • Streamlined “search options” with intuitive navigation.
  • A color match database that allows contractors to find just the right color of DAP DYNAFLEX 920. Major manufacturers of exterior building products are all cataloged, so finding just the right color is easy.


To Summarize

Part of me wants to say that we heard clues (on our recent tour of DAP’s HQ) that something big was going to break.  But honestly, I don’t think Barry and I could have expected anything nearly this big.  DAP Products, dominant with diyers/homeowners, made a bold move here with/for professionals. Like the glue that holds our home improvement projects together (pun intended), they set a new benchmark to which other manufacturers might potentially target. It’s simply smart thinking, we think.

I should note too that while we were recently compensated by DAP as part of the DAP Seal Your Home Blogger Challenge, and in turn — they indirectly helped with the sponsorship of our trip to the Remodeling Show, the above opinion was not driven or swayed by this.  Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.  You’ll find extended coverage of this year’s Remodeling Show, here.


** A Note on the Audio:  Our interview with Richard Lawrence was recorded, edited and narrated by Barry Morgan, but I do talk some . . . and a little less than I usually do. You can here more of his audio recordings in The Sounding Board.  ~jb