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Eric S Instructing

A Kitchen Plugin for SketchUp :: Building Moxie with Eric Schimelpfenig, AKBD

I have been going back and forth with Eric Schimelpfenig, AKBD aka @SketchThis for a little more than a year ... tryin,g but failing to get him over on this blog. But when Eric recently released a plugin for Google SketchUp, I decided I just couldn't put it off any longer. I sent Eric some questions, and fortunately ... he responded. Below you'll find our interview. [...]
Greg Burnet of ToolBelt Productions

Building Moxie with ToolBelt Productions :: The Art of Live Construction Presentation

I have been fortunate, through this blogging thing, to have met a wide and varying group of good people. And that, I guess, ‘ll be my lead in … to my recent sit down visit with friends Greg and Sue Burnet. The Burnets were in nearby (to me) Columbia, MD working to coordinate a Gold Level training event for the siding manufacturer LP SmartSide. ...
Welcome to Orlando It's IBS Time

IBS 2012 :: The International Builders’ Show with Jeremy Parcels

The International Builders’ Show (IBS) has been taking place in the U.S. since 1944 and is put on by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The Show features mostly residential building products, tools, and supplies and runs for three days. The Show location is currently rotating between Las Vegas and Orlando, and also offers various educational sessions and seminars for attendees. [...]
Maryland State Logo

Home Improvement Commission License Exam (Maryland – General Contractors) :: Building Moxie Takes a Test and … Passes

I have known that licensing varies state to state, but I decided to ask around, and few friends of our Facebook page (go ahead like it) responded with what was required in their states. What I found basically -- the regulations under which home improvements can be performed legally vary widely (like the grand canyon) from state to state, with some variations rolling down even to the municipality level. Here's what I got: [ . . . ]
Holly Bertsch

Adventures in Leadership :: Learning about Yourself As a Leader

I am going to school right now and I have a class I like to call Adventures in Leadership (its actual name is Motivation and Leadership and it is a Psyc. class). We talk about different things in the workforce that motivate people and cause them to become leaders. Mostly, this reminds me of my own job that of a remodeler. Sure, I get to answer mostly to myself, and my customers. If I want a day off, I can take it. I only have deadlines I have imposed on myself really. I let the customer know a date by which I will have their project complete, and I do my best to stick to it, but I always give myself a little wiggle room and that is how I like it. [ . . . ]
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