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Behind the Scenes with My Fix It Up Life :: An Interview with Mark & Theresa Clement

... They tell us how their "baby" was born, as they say, through “home improving home improving” to writing to video, then (sometimes national) TV appearances. My Fix It Up Life as they tell us is “A Home Improvement Lifestyle Show.” It is about all things in the home and for all people interested in the home. [Click to Read More]
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Building Moxie with Miriam Illions :: An Interview with HomeTalk’s HomeTalker Numero Uno

Day 3 of the Remodeling Show, we were fortunate enough to spend part of the afternoon with Miriam Illions (pronounced “Millions” just minus the M) . . . of Never mind that Miriam is likely one of the sweetest, bestest, goodest people I know from the interwebs, she happens also to be a passionate, well-spoken representative of the HomeTalk brand. That day, she was gracious enough to sit down with us for an (audio) interview. [...]
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Building Moxie with the Chosen One :: An Interview with Sean Lintow Sr. @SLSConstruction

Here Sean and I, Barry too, discuss Sean’s business and blog (one of my personal favorites). With that, while Sean is known by many as @SLSConstruction, it is actually the steady expansion of his services offerings that intrigued us. While you could certainly look at his blog the Homeowner's and Trades Resource Center (the HTRC for short) as one of these, it is his move more specifically to offer a formal green solutions suite that really piqued our interest. Passionate about smart building, this led to Sean's creation of Alabama Green Building Solutions in 2010. [...]
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The Sounding Board :: Episode 3: Hammer Down

The Sounding Board :: Episode 3 – Hammer Down I switched to a Marantz Digital recorder for this episode and preparation was more of a parade than a process. By that I mean there are times when we find ourselves acting as a conduit and doing what needs to be done. This episode was due and I hope I [...]
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The Sounding Board :: Episode 2: Cotton Picking Shop Dog

I fail to introduce myself at the beginning of this one. I told jb that I simply must have been so focused on getting the job done that the formalities slipped my mind . Again, the episode is broken into three loosely themed parts.
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