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Spotlights from ODL Door Glass & a Sense of Retro at IBS 2014

Roger Finch and I walk over to an impressive and fun display of doors which make up one side of the ODL booth at the International Builders' Show (IBS 2014) in Las Vegas. Roger is a marketing manger at ODL and as he speaks, you can hear how his job overlaps with research and development: "This is our Spotlights Program. A lot of consumers and homeowners today are downsizing and moving from the suburbs back to the inner city. One of the things that they are doing is - taking older homes on the market today, and they are rehabbing them back to their original architecture. Spotlights is our program for the architectural enthusiast."
ODL Evolve Frame

IBS 2014 SpotLight || Inside Door Manufacturing :: Quality Comes Back with ODL

Currently they supply the door manufacturer Jeld-Wen with door lights. At IBS, I met Roger Finch, who is the Distribution Channel Marketing Manager at ODL, and according to his LinkedIn profile, is "responsible for all marketing activities to the distribution channel, new product launches, product line extensions and introductions." Roger is also a genuinely nice person and knows a lot about his company's products. He began by teaching me about Evolve, a newly designed door light frame the company introduced in early 2013.
Mark Theresa JB Barry

Behind the Scenes with My Fix It Up Life :: An Interview with Mark & Theresa Clement

... They tell us how their "baby" was born, as they say, through “home improving home improving” to writing to video, then (sometimes national) TV appearances. My Fix It Up Life as they tell us is “A Home Improvement Lifestyle Show.” It is about all things in the home and for all people interested in the home. [Click to Read More]
Looks for Less panel

Revisiting the Panel Discussion “Looks for Less” & an Interview with Mike Lallo from Wilsonart

In this post I will finally deliver the 3rd, an interview with Wilsonart’s Mike Lallo, a Segment Manager in Home Center Segments. Wilsonart and specifically Wilsonart HD was a sponsor of our 106 Yard Fund, which ultimately brought Sean Lintow, Sr. to Baltimore for the Show. [Click to Read More]
Spring Wrap Up with Funky Junk Donna

Let’s Upcycle That Spring, Put It Out on the Curb and Slap a For Sale Sign On It :: Spring Wrap Up

So … in lieu of adding to a new DIY Essential Skills series, I’ll tell you quickly about three fun Spring outings. Wait! So I guess I did actually fit some stuff in, and boy, I best not forget I visited the fine folks at John Deere too. [Click to Read More]
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