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Installing a Gutter (Half Round) :: Video: After Jacking Up a Porch Roof



More on Raise the Roof

Okay, for the final two bits of my “Raise the Roof,” front porch project and series, I installed my last remaining length of half round gutter and I re-installed my ceiling-mounted light fixture. When patching the ceiling and hanging that light, I also wired in a new ceiling outlet (for holiday lights) off that existing overhead light.

Of those two … okay, two and half … three bits, I can promise coverage on, well, one of them. I shot pics and video for all, but today at least I know I’ll go with >> Tips for Installing a Gutter (Half Round) … in video form.

I posted on my gutters last year and it is a little unusual that I’m revisiting a project I’ve already posted on … twice. I do see those posts getting consistent traffic and this time it’s just opportunity to offer a few more helpful and supporting details.

Installing Half Round Gutters

For reference, my first two posts on installing half round gutters:

Installing Half Round Gutters :: History, Planning and Prep

Installing Half Round Gutters and Downspouts on a Victorian Home 

For additional information, here is an article from This Old House >> How to Install Half Round Gutter.

While I had the section of seamless gutter (the only way to go)  pre-cut and ready with the others, I didn’t install it then because I decided to jack up my porch’s roof.  I mean – what was another year with no gutter here? … it had only been idk like six already. Ha! With it, I had to also redo the roof flashing at the house. (Together – parts one & two of “Raise the Roof”.)

Without this gutter on the low hanging roof and with the water just rolling off of it, I’ll admit that my basement, my cellar would take on water in occasional heavy rains. With it, and with this gutter now installed, knock on wood – dry as a bone. And just more proof that your (okay my) gutters are an integral part of a water management system.

Our new pup & co-star Marlowe


Here’s my video providing more detail on this gutter installation (and featuring a few cameos from our new pup Marlowe, who you might hear whimpering in the background as she got herself “stuck” on the porch only a foot off the ground).

The Key Steps covered in the video:

(Clicking on links will jump to related info, in related articles. Time stamps if you want to jump to that location in the video.)



On Hanging Gutter Brackets

In it, you will not see me hanging the gutter brackets. I actually installed them a little earlier so I could drape plastic from them. This created a pretty make-shift dust barrier as I removed some of the old and peeling paint from porch’s cross beam and columns.

To install the brackets and as noted in the initial posts, I measured downward from the underside of the roof and set the first bracket at the far left. I tapped a finish nail in at that location. Figuring a ½” fall I then moved to the other end of the roof and struck a chalk line. Brackets were then installed along this line with hex drive stainless screws (in varying sizes) at each of the roof’s rafter locations.

* Details – Sealants and End Caps

In my installation, end caps were installed with GeoCel 2300 construction adhesive/sealant and in some cases, were crimped using a Snap Lock Punch tool, as pictured below. (Okay, I need a new one.)

The video does show setting up the gutter, hanging the gutter, and prepping for the downspout. While the downspout and my column didn’t quite line up with an existing downspout leader (a clay pipe which I actually repaired a few years back) – I really was kinda over it. I think and if I would have been motivated to order more parts, I would have set up for an offset at the bottom of this downspout. In this case, I just ran straight down, slightly out of plumb, … but done and done.

Cleaning out the downspout leader

Now these project are complete, I hope to add skirting (and maybe some décor elements) to this porch; I need to strip and re-hang our Victorian brackets; and I also hope to build out and dial in the landscape a little too … in the coming months.


Thanks for stopping by, hope it helps and happy home improving. ~jb


Later when I installed Lattice Under the Porch, I installed the appropriate bends in the Downspout.

We also did some slim shade planting in front of the porch. And of course, I reinstalled the Victorian brackets.


For more about installing half round gutters on this Victorian Farmhouse, see my article >> How to Install Half Round Gutters and Downspouts. Cheers. ~jb

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