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A Super Bowl of Honey Do for My Valentine


Whew . . . here we are, February.  Valentine’s Day. And I just finished writing a 2500 word article on firewood and the (romantic) fireplace and ha! . . . some may say, “What’s the point?” . . . Right?! I mean — Winter (weather) has been nothing of what I would typically expect. Well, OK . . . still a little, and it did drop into the twenties yesterday.

Anyways . . . a little unexpected.  But really — Who can predict everything?  Well, I know – the Giants . . . yep, picked ‘em, and of course, I have been getting a bit of my honey do done around my house. That’s always a safe bet.

So . . . I wanted to revisit my Christmas Season / Winter to do list, posted on December 15th — nearly two months ago.  It looked something like this (but now with updates applied):

My To Do List

Doing okay with it I guess.  And yes, the final set of ellipses there stood for all the little things that come up.  I think I have heard it called, and I have a problem sometimes when I try to say it (a la MegaMind in Despicable Me), “Hoony Due”, “Oney Dew” . . . ahhh,  something like that.

A Honey Do for My Valentine 365, aka My Honey Do To Do List

Just last weekend (Super Bowl weekend), my wife had me helping with the prep for a birthday party she hosted this past weekend.  When I lay all the little things out, it seems like a lot (though they were all really little).

Assembled Coaster Retro Kitchen Chairs

Tighten Loose Exterior Door Knob

Tighten Loose Single Handle Sink Faucet

Removed a Coffee Stain From Granite

Used Carpet Tape to Tape Down Corner of Area Rug

Replaced the GE SmartWater Water Filter on the Frig

Trimmed a Board Mounted Print

Framed & Hung Trimmed Print

Hung Salvaged Metal Sign on Chimney

Repaired Stained Glass Lamp Shade with Plumbing Epoxy

Installed CFLs on Exterior Lights (you don’t see cracking paint.)

Unclogged a Vanity Drain with the Zip-It Tool

See. Love It!

Next . . . door goes there, rosettes over there.


And anyway, the level in my Bagster Bag (Amazon Affiliate link) hasn’t really risen all that much.  (More on Bagster and another To Do List, here >> A To Do List Solution.)  My mom, sister and I have steadily been working thru cleaning out my grandmother’s (rest her soul) – and we are getting into some kinda fun stuff.  I learned that at one point my grandfather was a contract furniture maker; a discovered stack of wood shaping blades led to this conversation.  This is what remains of his once full loaded pegboard.

My wife too has mentioned her anxiousness to start tearing into the early signs of hoarding in our attic.  We’re converting it to a bedroom and I am certain the Bagster will come in handy at that point.  Soon, I say.


. . . beyond that – I know I have been a little quiet.  Barry and I have been discussing some really exciting things (like maybe another site — shhh), and I have been working with my SEO Coach, you know who you are (I mean — what good is all this great content if more than just you is finding it.  Right?) . . . Many thanks.

Look for some guest submissions from me, elsewhere (hope to get ’em in this week).  I’m looking forward to a couple new submissions here and I am getting excited to announce participation in three brand partnerships.  First of which, Barry is tackling >>  The SmartKey Lock Blogger Program with The Home Depot & Kwikset. (Home Depot, Kwikset SmartKey & Me.)

Some may include travel (give me a “Hoooo”!) and some may include gift card giveaways.  Just sayin’ and be on the look out.


Thanks for reading, enjoy your Honey and a fire.  Happy week all. ~jb

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