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Holiday Window Decorating Tips :: Do’s and Dont’s

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Note from the hosts:  As I’ve jokingly mentioned, our wee little blog seems to be growing.  And as it grows, so too does the number of link exchange requests and unsolicited content submissions.

We have even become a target for a small number of industry-related press releases. While I typically brush these aside, this one, sent on behalf of Simonton Windows, seems to have both topical and timely value.

Thanks, and here’s the post.  Enjoy. jb


Do’s & Don’ts of Holiday Window Decorating

Santa’s not the only one with a naughty and nice list this year. The experts at Simonton Windows® have provided a list of do’s and don’ts for holiday window decorating.


Santa’s Simonton Elves got together to recommend the following naughty list for windows during the holiday season:


The nice list of ways windows can be highlighted during the holidays include:


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