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Hardwood Flooring is Overrated! :: Alternatives to Hardwood & More


I’ve helped install hardwood flooring in my parents house, my house and, my good buddy, Fred’s house. Everyone talks about how beautiful the floors look but it’s time to say enough is enough! Hardwood floors are over-rated and ultimately not worth the trouble. In this post, I’ll explain why.

I actually do love hardwood flooring but this post will be a fun change of pace. I’m going to make my argument against them and I hope you’ll respond in the comments below. :)

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Hardwood Flooring

Expensive Tools & Materials
Installing hardwood floors takes, at a minimum, several tools that can cost you a pretty penny. Most homeowners I know don’t own them all and renting them will quickly become just as pricey. Here’s a quick run-down of the necessary tools, materials and estimated cost. Let’s assume the room is 20′ x 15′.

Sure subsequent rooms are cheaper, but the main costs are materials. Hardwood floors are an expensive option!


I’m not foolish enough to argue that tree harvesting isn’t a sustainable process but consider this. Linoleum floors are durable, biodegradable, non-toxic and a much more responsible choice. So while hardwood flooring isn’t a bad choice, it’s also not the best.


You’d think hardwood flooring would be… well hard. But depending on the species you choose, dropped keys, pets and even small children can really damage the surface. UV light, through every single window, also changes to color of the wood. Moving furniture or a rug can really reveal the color difference.

So what do you think? Do hardwood floors still seem like a worthwhile choice?


Note from the hosts:  Thanks to Ethan at One Project Closer for throwing down on this interesting topic.  He can be found blogging at Also on twitter @OneProjCloser.  A nice little write up of OPC (if I don’t say so myself) here >> Building Moxie with One Project Closer.

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