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Finishing a Kitchen Passthrough :: Enter the Other Man OR When a Honey is Not Enough


Mrs. Moxie hasn’t been able to keep her hands off of me. It’s true.  And yeah, I know. You’re saying, Well, she finally started reading your blog and found all the deep down man sexy that even she didn’t know about.  Ok, fair – it’s a good theory.  Unfortunately, honestly, it is one that is probably not correct.  And who I am really to question these things?

After all, you know what they say about women as they reach a certain age (sorry Jen). That’s right . . . they say, There is nothing that makes a woman (of that age) hotter than the thought of having work done on her kitchen. And again . . . unfortunately, truth — I haven’t  been the one doing it . . . (for her) recently.  You see, Jen has a new boyfriend.  And yeah, I know about him . . . well, because we are like that.

You can see more of this updated kitchen in the post – A Kitchen’s Stained Black Floor.

Jen met Pat through a friend of hers – Kim.  I have done work for Kim myself (over there  >>).  And Kim moved on too. (I guess that last part is not totally true, but it sounds good for the story.) Of course, one thing lead to another – and that’s right, Jen ended up as Pat’s real estate agent. She has his house listed and on the market.

When a Honey is Not Enough

Now – Jen and I have, and with ever-expanding weekend obligations, watched significant finishing work on this project, our house come to a virtual halt. Yeah, I suck. OK – I do some things. I mean – I’m a pretty decent hubby.

I reset windowsfix plaster and plumbing, do demo, set up home networks, hang out with the kids, go shopping and to parties, walk the dog, feed the cats, change the litter, paint, caulk, listen, etc. and so on. . . and occasionally I breathe or have time for myself.  In other words – and with Jen’s new friend in mind, we decided to take out a home equity line of credit.  We planned to buy ourselves, well . . . a worker fairy, as we began to call him.

And if you are a regular reader of this blog . . . you know . . . this whole proposition has been tough for me.  Relinquishing control — that is.  Plus did I mention that we are in an oldddd house (things are irregular) AND we are reusing some materials?  Two facts by themselves that demand a certain level of skill and some finesse.  (<< See jb intellectualize.)

I mean — I can do some things.  This is our third significant reno.  And before this . . . the only other interior project that has been completed by anyone else (other than me) was a small half bath.  That project required moving a flight of stairs in our first, tiny rowhome . . . its timeline was important.  And yes, I have hired out bits and pieces.

You can find more backstory in – My Life is Home Project.

Hiring Out

I am sorry, it is just new to me.  I have done kitchens – and to have someone else finish mine?  Whooo! I was conflicted.

BUT I also cared.  I understand how important the kitchen is for Jen.  AND I know how long she has lived like this, with it — “this way” — partially finished (other things approved and taking priority).  It has taken an emotional toll.

Having Mr. Pat here (and we have never met) does free me up to do other stuff. Things that need to get done before the long winter hits. Currently, I am replacing a good chunk of the house’s near-original Dutch Lap Siding, and I must also prime, paint, and caulk 1 and ½ sides of it, the house, by like yesterday.  (And yes, my window restore is complete.)  Plus, the Other Man does his work, while I am . . . at work.  Just like I said, a worker fairy, and it is pretty sweet!

We had heard that Pat does good work for a good price. *And stop here.*  So far, from what I can tell – he does. I think I am in love too! No, but it is just fine with me that they play text pong, and/or stay on the phone, giggling, just a little too long . . . it’s just fine.  Especially, of course, when he slices Jen a break after his first few days of service. (*errrrmm* Obviously, I am not the only one who has noticed her gluten-free diet paying dividends.) And anyway . . .

Now I will shut up, post some pics, and reap the benefits of having . . . well . . .  another man around.  Here’s the kitchen passthrough in progress.


Thanks for reading and until next time. Here’s another post (on Instructables) relating to “making” a kitchen passthrough – Kitchen Wall Pass Through. ~jb

and don’t even think about it — I’m NOT moving the chimney


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