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How to Form Strong Contractor Realtor Relationships

Real estate agents have clients that contractors can help, and contractors have clients that are looking to sell. A winning situation for both parties which can maximizes profits and stimulates the housing market. In 2013, as we hope the economy recovers, real estate agents and contractors can and should work together to promote each other’s businesses. [...]
SLS Construction

Building Moxie with the Chosen One :: An Interview with Sean Lintow Sr. @SLSConstruction

Here Sean and I, Barry too, discuss Sean’s business and blog (one of my personal favorites). With that, while Sean is known by many as @SLSConstruction, it is actually the steady expansion of his services offerings that intrigued us. While you could certainly look at his blog the Homeowner's and Trades Resource Center (the HTRC for short) as one of these, it is his move more specifically to offer a formal green solutions suite that really piqued our interest. Passionate about smart building, this led to Sean's creation of Alabama Green Building Solutions in 2010. [...]
Collaborating on Houzz :: Houzz Logo

Building Moxie’s on Houzz … Are You? :: Using Houzz to Build a Web Presence

Something like 700K+ images, most hi-res and professional quality, have been uploaded to Houzz. These images then become "available" on the site. Most are uploaded by home professionals looking to build an aforementioned online portfolio. For me, though, as a webgoer and further as a blogger, Houzz creates a single central source for inspiration. [...]
Coleen Dolan of Certified Lead Services

Building Moxie Interviews Coleen Dolan @CertifiedLeads :: Certified Lead Services

I always knew Coleen as the owner of Certified Lead Services, an innovative professional services company, but I guess, truth -- I really never knew what exactly it was that she/they does/do. And in a way, I can thank Palatin Remodeling for this idea. In the midst of all the bantering around these Awards, I stopped for a second and said -- "Hey, Coleen. How about an interview?" [...]
David Lupberger on Building Moxie

For Pros Only :: Developing the Home Plan (as a Home Asset Manager) :: David Lupberger

In order to realize success in this industry today, you need to become the go-to guy or gal for all of your client's household needs. Every project, big or small, will go through you, and since houses will ALWAYS need to be maintained, if you develop a good enough relationship with your client, you can have work lined up for years to come. [...]
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