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What Does “Too Taste Specific” Mean Anyway?

Your home is your home and by virtue of the fact that you're an adult, you get to do anything inside of it you want to do. Even if it's stuff I find repugnant, who cares? I'm some guy with a big mouth in Florida, not some final arbiter and neither is anyone else. So go ahead, paint your walls with chalkboard paint, put a damn chicken coop in the back yard, hang exciting wallpaper and for the love of God, stop asking for permission to put photos of your kids on the mantle. [ . . . ]
various solvent cans acetone, lacquer remover, paint thinner, denaturated alcohol in a cedar closet

Testing Hardwood Floor Finishes in an Old House (part 1 of a few)

A few days later, Jeff hit me back; he had gathered some info from a couple places on the internet. He said, Well, I tried the water test like you suggested, and water doesn't seem to discolor the floor . . . . But . . . I learned some other things too. Repeating what he found, he said, I learned that rubbing alcohol (actually denatured) can be used to test for shellac, acetone for varnish, and lacquer thinner for lacquer. Mineral spirits can be used to clean "unsounded" floors, and I also learned that polyurethane only really became popular in the last fifteen (editor's hmmm) years. Strippers can be used to test for that. [ . . . ]
Address 2711

State of the Union; Address 2711 :: Miscellaneous Home Projects

In the time it took me to revamp my blog - three major holidays passed, two massive earthquakes rocked locations on this globe, I went to one daddy-daughter dance, took part in one monster snow storm, saw a Super Bowl champion crowned, watched part of one state of the union address, and I got not nearly enough done around my house. In that time - I didn't finish the kitchen, I didn't update the hall bathroom, nor did we install the master bath that my wife and I have talked about since the day we purchased this place. I didn't get the closet or pantry next to the kitchen done. (These are two projects I am currently working on; I will likely feature them in upcoming posts.) [ . . . ]
empty room

Replacement Window Options :: aka Window Shopping in 3 Steps

But the point being: If it's too much for a professional, someone who supposedly sells and installs windows, and they have difficulty navigating the maze of decisions, imagine how hard it must be for a first time homeowner like Susan K. My contact and I talked some more. What he meant was . . . by this point, and with twenty-plus years of the replacement window, there are many, many options and many features to consider with each purchase, and for each need. [ . . . ]
w exerior paint selection test test test in a location that gets both sun and shade

Exterior Restoration and Preservation :: Siding Paint and Windows

We decided almost immediately that we were not going to remove or cover the near original german clapboard siding. (Did replacing it cross our minds? At that time, honestly, no.) We had a decent painter, who had just done our other house, and with him, we decided initially to give it a quick paint job. It was needed to hide years of flaking and peeling. While it looked good after completion, this decision, here, has spawned years of contention. You see - it is my duty now, slowly, and sections at a time, to strip and repaint the exterior. [ . . . ]
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