Early in the week, I made a brief aside . . . something to the effect of “Wow! How the digital camera has changed our lives.” But few examples of recent advancements in imagery have been any more impressive than Google‘s Street View (hopefully that don’t get miffy or try to oust me from Google Plus). And I figure a fitting way to end BMoxie’s 1st Ever Photo Week — I do a quick stroll down (short-term) memory lane . . . just from a slightly different angle. Enjoy.

* Day 1:

Multitasking aka Building Moxie‘s 100% Guaranteed Method for Putting an Infant Asleep (Baltimore, MD)

Shingled Colonial in Baltimore's Lauraville area

errrm … The owner after us I guess had a thing against gardens, trees, flowers and bed edging. The box bay window(s) there on the left.



* Day 2:

The Polyester of Brick aka Formstone (Baltimore, MD)

Formstone on Some Baltimore Rowhomes
Figures! Trash cans there every day ‘cept Google Street View day. Innocent I say!



* Day 3:

Great Tubes of Caulk in the Sky aka Dap Products Caulk Manufacturing Facility (Baltimore, MD)

Dap's North Point Baltimore Location

Still didn’t get a great pic of the giant caulk tubes. No, I’m not stalking Dap but *I* would love a tour. just sayin’.


* Day 4:

Could You Do Me a Quick Favor? And Ummm… aka . . . What Exactly Do Timber Framing Crews Do in Their Downtime? (Taos, NM)

Austing Haus; Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Austing Haus; Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico (This is one part of the country *I* wouldn’t mind hitting again!)


Thanks and comments welcome. Please look for “BMoxies 2nd Ever Photo Week” next week and submissions still welcome. For more information on the “Photo Week format” (a nod to Barry’s Big Blog of Building). Great weekend ~jb