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(Sean Lintow Sr.) I am the owner of SLS Construction & Building Solutions, and currently specialize in using my 20+ years in the building trades to help new home builders & homeowners build better more efficient homes that are comfortable & healthy. As an independent energy auditor & program verifier we offer "Real Solutions not Sales Pitches."

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(SLS Construction & Building Solutions is based in Naperville, Illinois.)

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Pro Tips and Tricks for Taking Out a Wall. Oh! & Removing a Pocket Door Too

While rare in these parts, I happen to know quite a lot about them. One of the nice items for many of them including this one is that none of the interior walls are load bearing which brings us to this post. My tips, tricks & How to Take Out a Wall. This wall ...

2013 Remodeling Show Recap, Sean Lintow Reports

This year unfortunately JB wasn't able to attend the Remodeling Show being held in Chicago. BUT, I managed to make it, as it just so happens to be in my new back yard, and eeks! I was now on the other side of the presentation podium. With that, here are my rambling thoughts on the two days I spent at the 2013 Remodeling Show. [Click to Read More]

106 Yards Later: A Remodeling Show Recap :: The Chosen One – Sean Lintow Sr.

OK it was more like 1779 miles, approximately 90 gallons of gas, 11 hours of driving in the rain on Monday just in time for everyone to show up at Camden Yards… but oh what a great trip & time. As the first ever winner, aka “The Chosen One” (and may I truthfully add - very surprised winner) I have to thank JB for coming up with this ideas along with the fine folks at DAP Products, American Standard, Houzz and Wilsonart HD. I would also like to thank the three judges; Mark & Theresa Clement of My Fix it Up Life, Leah Thayer of Daily 5 Remodel & Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson. [...]

Installing a Bathroom Fan Timer

Would you like to guess what my most frequent piece of advice is for homeowners to improve their indoor air quality, comfort, and to help save energy? I can tell you It isn’t air sealing, installing new windows (try dead last for that one), adding insulation, or anything else similar to that. Quite simply it is to install a $20 timer for the bathroom vents. As luck would have it, I had to replace a few in my place (thanks kids…) and I thought I would show you the process. [...]

Energy Audit Cost :: What’s in a Price?

. . . While there are hundreds if not thousands of variations of “audits” performed daily, it essentially boils down to two types; survey style & diagnostic. [ . . . ]

Stopping the Killers — Carbon Monoxide and Fire

Unfortunately, during the fall and winter seasons is when we see an increase in fire & carbon monoxide fatalities. Based off the latest estimates, there were over 40,000 Carbon Monoxide cases requiring some form of hospitalization or care, and 5,000 deaths in the last year. And as I mentioned in another article entitled Everything we owned in 2008 there were over 2700 fatalities related to fires. [ . . . ]
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EPA’s New Lead Regulation and How It Affects You

I am from the government and here to help you is often joked about as being ten of the most terrifying words that one could expect to hear in their lifetime. Now it appears that would fall to second place if you replace the word help with the word protect. Effective April 22nd, the EPA has a new regulation that goes into effect affecting anyone living in or working on pre-1978 houses that may contain lead. As a homeowner, there is nothing in there that says you have to follow, or even care about the regulation, but it is still going to affect you in many ways. [ . . . ]
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