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John Poole is a computer scientist and technologist. His mysterious Second Life, however, is almost singularly driven by an all-consuming passion for carpentry, woodworking, timber framing, and the restoration/renovation of old colonial homes, of which he currently has two ongoing projects. In his copious spare time, John enjoys rowing, skiing, sailing, reading, and sometimes even a little gardening.

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Image of coffee makers and power meter.

Earth Day 2014: How Environmentally Sound is that Single Serve Coffee Maker? :: Hint – Don’t Trade Yours In Just Yet

The coffee pod concept has met with considerable criticism for its obviously negative environmental impact. Though it might excel at delivering a consistent cup of coffee, the pod itself clearly is an overly manufactured and wasteful piece of packaging for delivering something as simple as a single cup of coffee. Furthermore, the pod has no clear "recycling strategy"; once used, it retains its coffee grounds, and as such, shouldn't be disposed along with empty plastic recyclables. The only immediately obvious thing to do is toss it in the trash, and that's probably what most folks do.
The Center for Green Building store front.

Earth Day 2013 :: The Center For Green Building

The Center for Green Building, located at 3309 Fairfield Avenue, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is a building supply store dedicated to selling products that are completely non-toxic (both to install and to live with), as well as manufactured in environmentally responsible and sustainable ways. During Earth Week, I met with Gabriel Johnson, part-owner and Operations Manager of The Center for Green Building, to learn more about the history of their store, the products they sell, and their business philosophy. [...]
Ryobi 18V Lithium Ion ONE+ Cordless Drill Kit 2

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Drill :: Review and Comparison

Building Moxie, on behalf of The Home Depot, recently asked me to review two Ryobi 18V cordless drills: Ryobi's Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) powered 1/2" 18V Cordless Drill (P204 drill/P850 kit), and their newer, 18V Lithium Ion ONE+ Compact Cordless Drill (P208B drill/P816 kit). [...]
Gathering well water

Earth Day 2012: Mobilizing for Water Conservation

Water deserves our respect, and our best efforts when it comes to its conservation and efficient use. So, in continuing the spirit of last year's Earth Day article, here are three acts of water conservation that many readers likewise can readily accomplish. [...]

Squirrelly Goings On, At Building Moxie And Beyond :: Squirrels and Social Media

So exactly how did I incur this "Squirrel King" reputation? This status amongst my peers that would warrant such an effusion of responses to two silly old photos? Surely, at least some of the more recent newcomers to our community must be curious, and it is largely to them that I owe an explanation.
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