One of the fundamental premises of this site – We, Barry & I, could never possibly ever know everything there is to know about houses . . . even if we could find a way to make it through all the volumes of all the writing on this, that and/or the other thing. There are simply some things you can only know, personally, through first hand experience.

In many ways and maybe more like b would put it – this site is about discovery.  It is about enjoying the process. Learning as we go, and applying the knowledge acquired through small victories or even failures to all aspects of our beings.

And as I was to lead into this post, I figure that that above would be a good way to start.


Well, uhhhhh… you know . . .

Building Moxie :: the Do Together is a collection of reader- or community-generated stories relating to the trials, tribulations and pure exaltations of living centered around house, home, and neighborhood (that’s ‘hood for short).  It is a mashup on the topics of homeownership, remodeling, and business — it focuses on what we learn as we go.

Simply put — it begins and ends with our stories. These stories interlock and build something of their own. They remind us that stories belong to all and that each of us is a student/teacher.  Just as we work on ourselves while we work on spaces for living, these spaces for living, in turn, work on us. We take note of each tiny triumph or burdensome bungle. These notes, sometimes scrawled and sometimes beautifully written, all find a place here.

While we originate in the Mid-Atlantic region, Baltimore and the Delaware Shore respectively, the site has ultimately grown to include contributions from across the country (and around the world).  Our commitment is to variety (within the scope of home-related . . . stuff) and to what can be shared and/or learned from and through seemingly unrelated individuals and events.

Thank you for reading and please visit . . . more often! OR you could just Subscribe.  *smiles* jb & barry


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