Bonus Posting: My original post below was completed at some point Thursday.  … Sometime after encountering the flu (Christmas Day) and before putting my guy Marz (my cat) down.  The painful and ironic addition from today, however, is what makes me want to, well, puke.

Follow me …

Remember the window I repaired a few weeks back?  Well, pictured below, and I’ll admit it – after I finished with the repair, I think I might have forgot to (re-) lock the window.

wooden ladder next to tub on patio

Sunday 8AM :: Interior Screen Propped Open

This morning my wife woke to find this window wide open; one of my six-foot ladders set up neatly below it.  … From there we proceeded to figure out (quickly) that a good bit of cash was missing from her wallet (her purse still sitting on the kitchen table), our cell phones were gone, and so was, well, ha! — my High Def video camera.  (Maybe I’ll tell you later about the printer we had received for Christmas… and where we found that.)

Living in a home under construction is a bitch, period; it really leaves you, well, open … and maybe I should spend a little less time about writing about it (as Mrs. Moxie sometimes suggests) and more time just getting to it … as to avoid a break-in, in the middle of the night, while we and the kiddos are in our beds asleep.  

… Now back to my regularly scheduled post (unedited).


As I’m trying to squeeze out a little time to reflect on this past year, I can’t help but think back to the post >> 5 Reasons to Visit Building Moxie in 2012.  In it, you’ll find a list of five things I intended, we’d do, with this blog, this year.  From that list, one thing in particular >>  Multimedia, as in – “More Multimedia, aka More Audio and More Video.”

Okay, and let’s look at it.  … we took all the right steps.

We bought Barry an Apogee MiC which he then couples with his iPad 2 and a premium version of Hindenburg Field Recorder.  There is still the time of course needed to mix down raw footage, add voice-overs and, in general, the time it takes to, well, produce.

I synched the entire Building Moxie catalog on iTunes just last week.

I got my hands on a Panasonic HDC-TM90, and for the price, it is indeed wonderful for shooting hi-def vid.  Plus it has made it through pretty well.  What I mean by that – While I do still long for what I’ll call “a real camera,” I pause – just this year my pocket-sized point & click camera has been dropped two stories from a roof, had its viewer window scratched width-wise with a piece of 120 grit … garnet (I believe), and Oh! then there is my daughter’s infatuation with it.  All of which ensured it went back to Sony already … once.  (Note: Mrs. Moxie is on her second Kindle Fire in just a year too.  It was covered *cough* … Eva! thanks.).

Though the pictures that camera takes leaves a little room for longing, my Sony CyberShot.  I think about the number of pics I took hanging from, well, a ladder (many over double digits in feet).  One hand holding on for life kinda makes me think that I am not really ready … just yet … for “a real camera.”

Anyway, there is always, no matter the instrument, the time it takes to stop and set up and to record. I almost invariable rush through getting a good shot … Script? Ha! That would suggest there was actually time for planning. (Funny aside: I had one commenter on YouTube tell me, “Some talking would be nice.”)  In my eyes, and with our workman-level content … it seems like all too much like luxury.

Window Live Movie Maker seems to be enough of a video editing package for me right now (once I learned some of the idiosyncrasies with it).  Oh, and then there is that whole … music thing that I’ve yet to have had time to really figure out.  I like music, and I am pretty sure you do too.

fishing wire for motion sensor floods

Sunday 3PM :: Installing Motion Sensing Light

So, in retrospect … Did I do more vid this year? Yes, I did.  Did it grow our visibility, some? Yes, it did.  YouTube has actually become a regular (though still relatively minor) source of traffic.  But still there remains the time that is required, and in my house, *cough* … access to a computer too (we have five I tell you) to edit down the hours of footage that I shot this year.  Most, out of shear lack of time, I am now willing to admit, will likely never see the light of day.

So perhaps instead, maybe, my plan of attack changes – just stick to raw one minute vids (quick strips) that I can shoot quickly on the Sony (best part of that purchase really).  These I just posted to our YouTube Channel just recently … I do kinda dig these as sorta skills snapshots (and hope to try more soon). 

Note: If viewing in a reader or in email, to see these you’ll have to visit the site.

* Quick Tip for Spray Foam Storage

* Cool Season Operation of a Ceiling Fan

* Using a Rivet Gun


Oh then there was that whole thing in that post, you know the one linked to up at the top … about pitching more guest posts (me to someone else) on some big name sites.  Yeah, well, that didn’t really happen so much.  And yeah, still really don’t know how to go about doing it.  I guess, I’ll just toil away here (mostly) quietly and silently wait to be discovered. … for the big time or something. ha!

Motion Sensing Light At Night

Sunday 7PM :: Monday > Hook Up Alarm System

To Conclude … A New Year’s Resolution?  No thanks, I’ll still be working with last year’s … . Thanks, and …

Thanks for reading all, hope your holidays were festive no matter what you call them and here’s to your 2013, which is due, well, right around … tonight.  ~jb