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The Benefits of New Roofing :: GAF Roofing’s Website Makes It Easy Like a Click of the Heels

There are few projects that are more undervalued. When installing a new roof, the benefits in terms of added security, piece of mind, aesthetics and value are almost immediately felt.
A Visual Guide to Shovels

The Scoop on Shovels :: A Visual Guide to Shovels

Since the beginning of time man has been working in the dirt. From the earliest cave-types, man has been digging holes. Our structures, houses, too maybe only a manipulation of our landscape - the dirt. We did this and we still do this with tools, the least of which - the humble shovel.
pro tricks and tips for taking out a wall

Pro Tips and Tricks for Taking Out a Wall. Oh! & Removing a Pocket Door Too

While rare in these parts, I happen to know quite a lot about them. One of the nice items for many of them including this one is that none of the interior walls are load bearing which brings us to this post. My tips, tricks & How to Take Out a Wall.This wall ...
Irrigation 101 :: Basics of a Residential Irrigation System

Irrigation 101: The Basics of a Residential Irrigation System :: Benefits, Components, Installation … aka Yard Plumbing

With the summer heat closing in on us, your lawn and landscape may need some extra TLC to stay both healthy and thrive throughout the season. Having an irrigation system can give you that extra bit of help that you’ll need to keep your outdoor investments looking good all summer long.
Cork floor in a bathroom

Put A Cork In It! :: Using Cork Flooring in a Bathroom || The Blah to Spa Bathroom Makeover

Look no further than the nearest wine bottle. Wine producers have been using cork for thousands of years as their bottle stops because of durability and cork's ability to hold up to moisture. Ever heard of Dom Pérignon, grandfather of all champagnes? By using cork as the stopper instead of wood (which warps, molds, cracks, etc.) he was able to keep the bubbles in the bottle. ... Starting to make one wonder why we think wood is so great as a flooring option.
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    pressure washing basics

    Pressure Washing Basics :: Cleaning with “House Wash” from Krud Kutter

    First, let me say that using a pressure washer (kinda like painting) is something everyone seems to think they can do. That is – until a job turns horribly wrong. Ha! Be warned: Never start the spray of a power washer pointed directly at the surface you intend to clean. What I mean is … start the spray, only then fade into the surface you are power washing. You do this, especially on painted surfaces, as to avoid accidentally removing large hunks of material. [Click to Read More]

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