New Post :: Change is Inevitable; Growth is Optional

Apparently, I purchased this domain,, eight years ago today. I really don’t recall just what I was thinking just when I clicked – “Pay”. Okay, I do know I had been noodling a hokey idea that there might be some sort of … space in the home improvement niche called, idk, let’s say [...]

Strong Screws :: The Story with Simpson Strong-Tie Structural Screws

I will set instead to look solely at the Simpson Strong-Tie® fastener options. And I don’t know about you, but it was kinda news to me. I mean - beyond joist hanger (teco) nails and galvanized lags, I actually was surprised that the line was, well, way more robust and especially in the area of structural screws.

How to Fix Everything … Everytime … Everywhere

... the story of my patio punch out, and maybe still this is the lead in. Trust me, all old house project stuff – insulating drain pipes, building skirt walls, flooring and electrical in the “crawl space”, a concrete pond redo, landscape around the hardscape … posts, pics and vids queued and maybe I leave myself space next time.

What Causes a Damp Basement? How to Fix Water Problems at Foundations

In many cases, rising ground water either due to snowmelt or fed by an underground spring accumulates around the foundation and works its way through cracks, joints and porous material. Before you set out to dry your basement, the first thing to do is identify where the water is coming from. And there are basically three major ways water can enter your basement: condensation, runoff and subsurface penetration.

How to Achieve a Long-Lasting and Beautiful Wood Floor :: Wood Flooring Care Best Practices

Wood floors do not require meticulous maintenance, but they cannot take care of themselves. You need to be careful and avoid damaging friction, and also adopt wood-safe cleaning practices. Wood floors are easy to maintain, and have a soothing and calming influence on your family. With proper and timely care, you can help your wood flooring remain cozy, warm and inviting forever.

The Benefits of New Roofing :: GAF Roofing’s Website Makes It Easy Like a Click of the Heels

There are few projects that are more undervalued. When installing a new roof, the benefits in terms of added security, piece of mind, aesthetics and value are almost immediately felt.

The Scoop on Shovels :: A Visual Guide to Shovels

Since the beginning of time man has been working in the dirt. From the earliest cave-types, man has been digging holes. Our structures, houses, too maybe only a manipulation of our landscape - the dirt. We did this and we still do this with tools, the least of which - the humble shovel.

Pro Tips and Tricks for Taking Out a Wall. Oh! & Removing a Pocket Door Too

While rare in these parts, I happen to know quite a lot about them. One of the nice items for many of them including this one is that none of the interior walls are load bearing which brings us to this post. My tips, tricks & How to Take Out a Wall. This wall ...

Irrigation 101: The Basics of a Residential Irrigation System

With the summer heat closing in on us, your lawn and landscape may need some extra TLC to stay both healthy and thrive throughout the season. Having an irrigation system can give you that extra bit of help that you’ll need to keep your outdoor investments looking good all summer long.

Put A Cork In It! :: Using Cork Flooring in a Bathroom || The Blah to Spa Bathroom Makeover

Look no further than the nearest wine bottle. Wine producers have been using cork for thousands of years as their bottle stops because of durability and cork's ability to hold up to moisture. Ever heard of Dom Pérignon, grandfather of all champagnes? By using cork as the stopper instead of wood (which warps, molds, cracks, etc.) he was able to keep the bubbles in the bottle. ... Starting to make one wonder why we think wood is so great as a flooring option.

Raise the Roof 3 :: Video: Installing a Gutter (Half Round)

Without this gutter on the low hanging roof and with the water just rolling off of it, I’ll admit that my basement, my cellar would take on water in occasional heavy rains. With it, and with this gutter now installed, knock on wood – dry as a bone. And just more proof that your (okay my) gutters are an integral part of a water management system.

Raise the Roof 2: Replacing Roof Flashing at a SideWall :: More with the Porch Progress

Ironically, when I cut open my ceiling, again earlier in the process of jacking up the roof, there were definitely signs of a roof leak/water damage on the porch's roof deck. So ... even though I didn't have a clear how to going in, I knew it had to be different than what was previously in place.
  • How to Grow a Healthy Lawn

    How to Grow a Healthy Lawn :: Lawn Care 101

    I can say I was a little surprised when Pennington Seed asked me to again take part in a spring blogger program – a sponsored partnership, which includes a gift card giveaway (at the bottom). I mean – last year, you followed along as I visited Pennington’s NexGen facility in Oregon, you followed along as I received results from growing experiments there (first – 1-Step Complete, then – Smart Seed), and as I seeded a new lawn for Mrs. Moxie. […]

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