painted screen in powder room

Baltimore’s Wild & Wonderful Hand Painted House Screens || Book: The Painted Screens of Baltimore

n her book, Eff traces this art to London and two centuries earlier where landscapes were painted on mesh screens. While it spread and in a trickle made its way to screen doors of country stores and urban markets in the south, it was Baltimore in the early 20th century who fully embraced the form.
replacing a three tab shingle

Dear Spring: What Took You So Long? Signed, Winter :: 6 Common Winter Caused Spring Home Repairs from

Earlier in the week, the media relations team at - a resource that I have linked to a handful of times, hit me with a proposal for a round-up of spring projects. In their email, they said – “The magnitude of the winter storms caught even the most well-prepared people by surprise and most will have experienced some degree of damage to their homes.”
floating vanities freestanding tub towel warmer in contemporary bath

Safe Bathroom Tiles || Another Look at Bathroom Flooring

Most homeowners tend to overlook the aspect of safety when choosing bathroom tiles and instead prioritize other aspects such as style, color, cost, material, and durability. However, safety is also an important element to consider especially in homes with small children or older individuals.
mr. steam lady basking

Get the Sexy of Steam with Mr. Steam :: A Steam Shower Installation Primer

Their Steam@Home system is suitable for showers in a space as small as 3' x 3 ' x 7’. And okay - that’s roughly the size of the shower we did our master bath. With ours integrating a bench, it is in fact a little larger and a little taller. Really? Can you just squeeze a steam shower into any old shower stall? Well … yes. I mean - well, kinda.
Chamberlain MyQ

Garage Door Openers Go High Tech :: MyQ Garage Review & Giveaway

Chamberlain, the makers of MyQ Garage, claim it is a smart home device that lets you open or close the garage door from anywhere, shows you if the garage is open or closed, and keeps security, convenience and peace of mind in check -- important as spring break and summer vacations are planned.
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    Earth Day 2013 :: The Center For Green Building

    The Center for Green Building, located at 3309 Fairfield Avenue, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is a building supply store dedicated to selling products that are completely non-toxic (both to install and to live with), as well as manufactured in environmentally responsible and sustainable ways. During Earth Week, I met with Gabriel Johnson, part-owner and Operations Manager of The Center for Green Building, to learn more about the history of their store, the products they sell, and their business philosophy. [...]

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